Dr. Ilya Lipkin has successfully treated over 1000 SureSmile®cases since 2007. He is one of a few orthodontists in the tri-state area to have this cutting edge, yet proven technology.

SureSmile® braces allows our orthodontists to turn orthodontic precision into an art. Precision means less treatment time in braces, fewer orthodontic visits, and higher quality results.

Using SureSmile® provides your orthodontist the opportunity to visualize different treatment plans and to view your individual tooth anatomy from every angle and dimension. This ability to visualize and plan tooth and root positions within a supporting bone is changing the way orthodontists approach treatment planning. It’s also enabling them to plan better quality and long-lasting results for their patients. With SureSmile® 6.0, orthodontists are able to focus on treatments with improved precision and collaborate with specialists more efficiently.

With the rapid advancement in orthodontic technologies, doctors are evaluating what will drive the most significant improvements in their patients’ outcomes. That’s why orthodontists are paying so much attention to the measurable difference of the SureSmile® treatment optimization system. Comparative studies show that doctors using the SureSmile® system are able to significantly reduce treatment times and simultaneously improve outcome quality.

SureSmile® is the only system for fixed appliances that can provide active management of treatment objectives and appliance design. A SureSmile appliance can be refined at any time during treatment and SureSmile® software provides tools for analysis of results and decision-making support.

Unlike other orthodontic systems, SureSmile® has left the precision, control and skill to the orthodontist. Ever since orthodontists have been using SureSmile® technology and clinical support, doctors have the unprecedented ability to plan and control treatment that deliver high quality outcomes every time.