TruDenta® is a life changing treatment that can provide effective, long term relief of TMJ/TMD, chronic migraines and headaches and other painful conditions. This pain-free, drug-free and needle-free system can provide long lasting relief using clinically proven devices typically used in sports medicine to evaluate and treat head pain.

During your TruDenta® exam, your doctor will perform the following assessments:

Bite Force Analysis: Our T-scan technology will measure the forces exerted by your jaw to evaluate if there are any imbalances. Using TruDenta software, your doctor will create an accurate 3D digital model of the way that these forces are distributed.

ROM Analysis: The Range of Motion Analysis will provide digital measurements that will compare the muscle movement in your head and neck to determine any irregularities.

Muscle Exam:  Your doctor will perform a thorough myofascial muscle palpitation exam that will help locate any latent trigger points that need to be addressed during physical therapy.

Headache History and Head Health Questionnaires:  Understanding your history will assist your TruDenta specialist in identifying and eliminating potential causes for your pain, allowing your doctor to better tailor your treatment plan.


In Office Treatments

  • Gentle laser light therapy
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Muscle manipulation
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Physical therapy

At Home Treatments

  • Exercises
  • Orthotic appliances