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“Dear Dr. Lipkin and Staff,
I want to thank you and your staff for making my daughter and my visit to your office so welcoming and assuring. It is refreshing to meet such an honest, ethical and knowledgeable professional. I look forward to having my children receive treatment from you. Additionally, I will whole-heartedly recommend you to my family and friends and all else who seek treatment. Thank you again!”
Soo Yhu

“Anyone entering the world of orthodontia knows it’s a commitment of time. I was lucky enough to choose Dr. Lipkin’s practice which is more like joining a family. The welcoming atmosphere due to the professional and friendly staff makes you feel like you’ve made the right choice. Dr. Lipkin is a stellar, results driven perfectionist in his field. I, as an adult, have had the pleasure and have just finished treatment with my teenage son. My youngest son is next and I’m glad to know that I can count on more of the same pleasant experiences and highly effective results I have come to know and respect so well.”
By Curtis S., Dec 7, 2011

“Great first impression. Dr. Lipkin earns trust immediately, knowledgeable, and professional, and his team is also thorough, and jovial to help pass the time during the process. Looking forward to working with him.”
By Christopher, Dec 7, 2011

“Dear. Dr. Lipkin (aka “The Magician”),
…You have changed my life, giving me the confidence to smile and be happy. Thank you for sticking by me as I was crying in your chair, suffering from my dental post-traumatic stress disorder! Unlike the other orthododntists who tortured me, you are just so special to me… My mother kept telling me that one day soon I would look amazing and… guess what? She was right, all thanks to you!” – Michaela

“We have been patients of Dr. Lipkins for three years. The office if is clean, friendly and always professional. We never have to wait and can always get an appointment. We drive thirty minutes to see him. Well worth the service!” – By Drew S.

“After knowing Dr. Lipkin’s work through referring patients to him, I have no doubts that my daughter will receive the BEST orthodontic treatment available anywhere. High-tech, high-class, friendly environment and great care second to none.” – Charles Marvin, DDS

“To come here has been a pleasure and a success…Invisalign has been amazing. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Lipkin and his staff.” – Brian Cushing, USC Linebacker

“…you have made Daniel and Russell’s visits very pleasant. We love your up-to-date gadgets and the computers in the waiting room.” – The Simmons family of MTV’s “The Run’s House”

“The first time I had braces I was 11 years old, I used a local orthodontist. When my braces finally came off at 13 years old my teeth were still not straight. I was so upset. My orthodontist told me that there was nothing he could do about it! He said that my teeth were as straight as they could possibly get. My family and I were not convinced by that statement. We were recommended to Dr. Lipkin by my sister’s friend…Later, when my braces came off for the second time, my teeth were finally perfect! I couldn’t be happier with my smile now. Dr. Lipkin fixed my teeth and gave me a smile to smile about! Thank you!!” – Mallory

“Dr. Lipkin is a highly competent orthodontist who takes great pride in his work. My three children now have wonderful smiles…” – Maureen Gallo

“…not only is Dr. Lipkin amazing, his staff is exceptional…I am glad that I’m done wearing braces, but I’ll miss my frequent visits.” – Fernanda Paixao

“This has been one of the most memorable experiences in my 48 years…both Dr.Lipkin and his fabulous staff have helped me enjoy the experience immensely!…My daughter has a beautiful smile due to dr. Lipkin and staff, and now I do too!..” – Debra Berta

“Dr. Lipkin and his staff are extraordinary people…they are even available for emergencies in the weekend. Your orthodontic outcome will be beyond your expectations…” – Elysa Levinson (parent of patient)

“My braces career has been quite a long one…from the ages of 12-18. Unfortunately my teeth were not as perfect as they should have been…with the help of Dr. Lipkin and his staff, my teeth are now BEAUTIFUL! ” – Antonietta Bruno

“…Dr. Lipkin was the only one who was able to help me achieve the smile I was looking for. There are very few doctors who have the skill to use lingual braces…I was able to get that perfect smile with confidence…” – Mrs. Christina Rak-Samson, Mrs. New Jersey America 2006

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